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Part 1. 2 Methods to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera

How to Turn Your SmartPhone into a SPY Camera | CitrusBits

RemCam is a remote spy camera app feature that allows you to see through the camera of a mobile device — like a second pair of eyes. You can take control of your target device remotely and take a snapshot to ensure that you know exactly where the device is at any time. There are many benefits to learning how to spy on someone through their phone camera.

It also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Parents should discuss the use of a remote spy camera app with their children, while employers need to inform their employees when installing FlexiSPY on company devices.

How to turn your smartphone into a spy camera or baby monitor

Many people are starting to use phone camera spying technology as a way of finding out information they have never been able to before — such as using the feature to locate lost or stolen phones and tablets. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are safe should not be underestimated. Your children might be on a night out or on a school trip, maybe they were due home an hour ago and you can't get them to answer your calls.

Know How... 57: Turn Your Android into a Spy Cam

Knowing how to remotely turn on a cell phone camera lets you see exactly where your kids are. FlexiSPY can help you to make informed decisions and help keep your children safe with our remote spy camera app feature. With RemCam you can ensure employees who work from home are at their computers when they are billing hours or that teams who have offsite visits are actually at the site. Individual users are installing our remote spy camera app on their own devices — as well as those of their loved ones — to increase safety.

You could install RemCam on your secondary mobile device as a home surveillance mechanism.

More than hotel guests were filmed and live-streamed over the internet. As hidden cameras become even more inexpensive, they seem to be popping up more and more. Manufacturers design cameras disguised as other everyday objects, like smoke detectors , clocks , USB hubs , even wireless chargers.

Part 2. What Can a Spy Camera be Used for?

There are two ways to scan for cameras with your phone. First, if you have access, you can scan the Wi-Fi network for devices that look like cameras. But this will only find cameras connected to the network. Many places you stay give you access to the local network. You can use this to your advantage with an app named Fing. Fing makes both iPhone and Android apps.

The idea here is to look at all the devices connected to the local network. Connect your phone or tablet to the network and then open Fing. The iPhone app performs this step automatically. Wait for the app to finish scanning, then look through the list of found devices.

Powered Hidden Cameras

The next step is scan for open ports. The list will show what ports are open, and what services they use. Just type the IP address into your browser, followed by a colon, followed by the port listed i.

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Even when you do, they might not help. A hidden camera could be on a separate network, or too obscure to recognize easily. Most IP cameras use infrared for night vision. While infrared rays are invisible to the naked eye, you already have a device that can help—your smartphone. Some smartphones have filters to block out infrared light on their primary camera, but very few of them have filters on the front camera.

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To determine which camera will work for you, grab an infrared remote like the one you use for your TV. If you see the light on the screen, then it can detect infrared. Once you determine the best camera to use, turn off the lights in the room you want to sweep.

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